Our Business

Our Business

The Company, through its Subsidiary, owns 9 oil palm plantations, located in South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, Riau, South Sumatra and Jambi with a concession area of 63,441 ha, of which 24,682 ha (or about 39% of the total concession area) has been planted. About 47% of the total planted land has yielded. The remaining undeveloped areas are land reserves that have prospects for development by the Company and Subsidiaries.

The Company's subsidiary, PT BRI, owns an oil palm factory with a production capacity of 30 MT TBS/hour which can be increased to 45 MT TBS/hour. This oil palm plant has been operating since 1Q 2013.

Palm Oil Plantation

The earliest process in oil palm business activities is the planting of seeds. Oil palm seedlings after going through the process of maintenance and selection, then planted in the field. Before planting, land clearing activities will be done in the area to be planted. Next is the maintenance of the plant until the plant mature. The main activities undertaken during the maintenance period are weeds eradication activities, fertilizing and controlling pests/diseases. After the age of 3 years, the plant can be categorized as producing plants, where the product is called Fresh Fruit Bunches (TBS).

Palm Oil Factory

The production process at the palm oil mill starts from the receipt of TBS crops at weigh stations. After the TBS is weighed, it put on loading ramp for quality separation (sorting). TBS that has been sorted based on its quality is transported to a sterilizer station to be sterilized with steam in a pressurized enclosure to facilitate the separation of fruits from bunches.

Bunches that have been boiled, are brought to the thresher station. At this station bunches are separated from its loose fruit. The released fruit is then digested and compressed using a screw press to separate the oil from the core and the palm fibre. The resulting oil is then further processed in the refinery to produce crude palm oil free of waste.


The production of crude palm oil and palm kernel core is sold to the nearest customer with PT BRI palm oil mill. TBS are sold to palm oil mills around plantations for estate that do not have their own palm oil factory.